Another New Year

It’s that time of year. The overindulgence of the Christmas festivities are behind us and holidays are over and we get back to ‘normal’- back to our established routine. New Year can be an emotional time, charged with nostalgia, regrets, hopes, dreams and expectations. The New Year often begins with promises to self and to others. Resolutions are made, to get fit, drink less, stop smoking, find a new job, spend more time with loved ones. It’s a reflective time, looking back to what was and forward to what can be.

Its not unusual to feel overwhelmed or even to feel down at this time of year. For those of us who leave loved ones to go back to work overseas it can be very emotional. We can be caught in that space between longing for closer connection to home on one hand, and the dreams and hopes of the work opportunities ahead on the other. For those of us coming back to Khartoum after this Christmas and New Year break it may be even more difficult as we reflect on the current situation and wonder what our role can be and reflect on the choices we are making.

To take care of yourself, build your resilience and manage the effects of stress or feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed you can…

Eat a healthy diet

Reduce your alcohol intake

Smoke less

Exercise everyday - including gentle exercising like walking

Take time off work and relax

Do something fun

Don’t isolate yourself.

Talk to someone you trust - you will be surprised how much it can help.

Sometimes we may need space and time to discuss these feelings and experiences with someone who understands this international lifestyle and who isn't family or a close friend. Exploring choices and options together can help you to gain clarity and understanding and to maintain balance and resilience in a changing environment.

Please get in touch. I am offering reduced rates for 2019.