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Remote  counselling provides consistent support no matter where you are based.

 Online Counselling

Some people find it valuable to explore and communicate difficult and complex emotions by writing them down. Online counselling can be an opportunity to reflect on and explore experiences, thoughts and feelings in your own time and space.


 Online counselling can provide support when other support may not be easily accessible. In order to maintain your well-being and to prevent burnout; in order to remain resilient to the effects of the work you do; it is important to develop good self care strategies.


A key factor in personal resilience is being able to recognize when you need support and then being prepared to seek it out. Accessing support in this way is for anyone who feel the effects of their work and lifestyle, not just for those experiencing trauma or crisis.

Zoom, Skype and email Counselling is available to anyone who wishes to access support remotely, whatever their reason.